If you are stressed or unsettled in your life, struggling with career changes, loss of a loved one, depressed and/or anxious, you can benefit from the counseling process.  

Our work will involve identifying the source of the problems, and whether it is showing up within your relationships, work or school, my process is geared to help increase awareness, develop new skills, and improve your quality of life. 

When working with grief and loss, my aim is to help individuals through the process of mourning, this could be following the death of a loved one, or with life changes such as ending of relationships, miscarriages, divorce, and relocations.  


Wellness coaching

Life will throw curve balls at you, that’s a given! But the more skills you can learn to help you manage those uncertain and at times stressful moments, the more chances you have of overcoming and suceeding.

Wellness Coaching is for those individuals who want to improve their lives but do not necessarily want to engage in psychotherapy. 

Through Wellness Coaching, I will teach you healthy strategies to manage stressors which could in turn improve your ability to manage your multiple, usually competing, life areas.


Phone consultation (FREE)

Initial Session ($180)

Ongoing sessions  ($150)