Professional Biography  


Ylira Pimentel-Diaz is a bilingual and bicultural Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), and owner of Wellness Therapist LLC, a private practice for psychotherapy, research and clinical consulting, and life coaching. She has a Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, a Master in Social Work and a Certificate in Child and Adolescent Trauma from Simmons College. Ms. Pimentel-Diaz completed clinical practicums at the Latin American Health Institute (Boston) and Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Chelsea Healthcare Center; And, post graduate trainings and certifications, in clinical modalities and evidence based practices geared to improving the lives of people experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and stress.

Ylira’s career began over 17 years ago with 4+ years in early childhood education as a teacher; since then, she has dedicated over a decade to behavioral health in administrative and clinical roles at various levels of care including residential facilities, in-home, and outpatient in organizations such as Vinfen, BayCove, and MGH’s Chelsea Healthcare Center, where she delivered psychotherapy, family and group therapy to children, adolescents, and adults.

Inspired by her life experiences as a child immigrant from Dominican Republic, resident of public housing into her early twenties, graduate of Boston Public Schools, and first generation college student from a low income family, she embraces a mission to stimulate both personal/individual growth and community transformation. Committed to initiatives that improve the lives of people of color and underserved communities, and to closing the gap between culturally informed research, program development, and clinical practice led her to become engaged in activities such as acting as co-investigator for the MGH Center of Excellence for Psychosocial and Systemic Research and Research, and as Clinical Consultant to MGH’s Resilience Program where she has played a critical role in launching an emotional leadership skills groups for adolescents in Chelsea, MA. She has also worked as a consultant to MGH’s Community Psychiatry Program for Research in Implementation and Dissemination of Evidenced-Based Treatments (PRIDE) where worked to explore ways to increase access to evidence-based treatments for mental health conditions in a Boston community.

Additionally, given a passion for equitable health care and education, including interests in destigmatizing mental health, she is an frequent guest and has co-hosted for several Latinx local and international radio and television shows where she talks about issues related to mental health.

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