Lets embark on a journey to discover your best-self, embrace your emotions, and liberate your greatness.

I provide individual psychotherapy and group therapy to adults struggling with stress, major life transitions, anxiety (including social anxiety and generalized anxiety), depression, grief and other reactions to losses, and trauma reactions including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I also provide consultation services for clinical and community research programs (such as programs within Partners HealthCare).    

And lead emotional resiliency groups for children, teens, and adults community settings.

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I've spent over a decade in the field of mental health working with children, adolescents, and adults through various providers including Vinfen Corporation, Bay Cove Human Services, and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) where I was a Clinical Social Worker and for whom I have been a consultant developing and implementing emotional resiliency programming for the past two years.


My personal and professional life experiences, including biculturalism, bilingualism (Spanish), and being an immigrant and a first-generation college student from a low income household, have allowed me to develop a uniquely collaborative and comprehensive perspective to psychotherapy.  

I have worked with individuals from all walks of life and have witnessed achievements that many considered were not within their reach.


I am passionate about helping people connect to their strengths and empower themselves!  "Wellness Therapist” is symbolic of my holistic approach to therapy, which sits on a personal commitment to offering a safe space with compassion and empathy.  

I provide support and guidance while delivering clear, honest, and practical feedback geared towards helping people change patterns that foster distress. The client is always the driver and I am an aide.


Convenient Location

I am located in the heart of Back Bay and am easy to get to by public transportation or car (ample metered parking nearby).